How to Find the Best Cheap Ammo

If you own a gun and plan to use it for hunting or want to have it ready for home protection purposes, it follows that you’re going to want to purchase some ammunition for your weapon, and good cheap ammo at that. With gun and ammo sales in the U.S. on the rise, according to a recent report, you can be sure there are plenty of sources of affordable ammo out there. Keep in mind that in some states, in order to be able to purchase gun ammo you may be required to obtain a gun permit from a reputable dealer that is licensed with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and has passed its annual compliance inspection.

Where to Buy Cheap Ammo

You can purchase cheap ammo from a variety of gun dealers in your local area. To find a dealer near you, you can search online or seek advice from other gun owners to find out which gun shop has the best ammo prices that fit your budget. Another good source where you can find inexpensive ammo is the Internet. There are several ammo dealers online that offer good prices on ammo for any type and caliber of handgun, rifle or shotgun. You may also find good ammo deals from discount stores, sporting goods stores, pro fishing shops, and gun and ammo catalogs.

How to Purchase Ammo From a Local Gun Dealer or Discount Store

If you are planning to shop for cheap ammo at a local dealer, you should know what type of ammo you’re looking for and how much money you plan to spend. Many experts say that the cost of ammunition is determined by the caliber size of your gun and the type of gun you own, whether that be a handgun, rifle or shotgun. You should also take into account how you plan to use your gun. For instance, you may need a larger amount of ammo if you use your gun for hunting or shoot for sport, compared to if you only plan to use your gun for home protection. Experts advise that you visit several gun shops to find the best price on ammo.

Buying Gun Ammo Online or by Catalog

When buying ammo online or through a catalog, you should investigate the background of the dealer. You should find out whether the dealer is licensed to legally sell ammo in the U.S. Sometimes, dealers offering cheap ammo online or via catalog are not licensed to sell ammo. Also, you should check to find out whether or not you it is legal in your state for you to receive ammo shipments through the mail from out-of-state dealers. Many states have laws forbidding their citizens from receiving such shipments.

Cost Considerations

If you want to get the best price on your ammo purchase, you should determine how much ammo you can afford to buy. Most ammo dealers charge on a per-round basis. The average cost of ammo ranges from 5 to 10 cents per round depending on the type and caliber of your gun. Depending on where you live or the area of the country where you purchase your ammo, the dealer may charge sales tax. Furthermore, if you buy your ammo online or from a catalog you could be charged both sales tax and shipping charges. Finally, when buying cheap ammo make sure you don’t overspend and buy more ammo than you realistically need.