What You Need to Know About Handgun Ammo

In the U.S., more than 10 million people register to purchase a handgun each year, and with that comes a need for helpful information about buying handgun ammo. The total number of handgun sales rises when there is the possibility of new federal handgun regulation. If you own a handgun or plan to own a handgun you must purchase your handgun from a licensed, reputable dealer that has a federal firearms license issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The ATF regularly inspects registered gun dealers for license compliance with federal gun laws. If a dealer does not have a federal license to sell handguns and handgun ammo, do not purchase from that dealer.

How to Purchase Handgun Ammo Online

There are many places you can go to purchase handgun ammo. You can visit a gun shop in your local area, or you can buy ammo at a gun show. The quickest and easiest method for purchasing ammo for your handgun is online. There are many sites on the Internet that sell ammunition in every caliber of handgun. Most online stores sell ammo at bargain or discount prices. It is advisable, however, to investigate each online dealer before you make a purchase. Some dealers may not have a federal license to sell handguns or ammo, and they may not even offer quality ammunition.

Check Local and Federal Laws for Out–State Sales

If you plan to purchase ammo from an online dealer or from an ammo store that is located outside of your home state, you should find out whether it is legal to receive ammunition through the mail. Some states may have regulations that prohibit the mailing of ammo to residents from out-of-state dealers. Federal regulations may also prohibit the import of ammo across state borders.

You Must Have a Handgun Permit to Purchase Ammo

In accordance with federal gun control laws, you must register a federal permit for your handgun in order to be able to buy ammo. All dealers must ask you to fill out a gun permit at the time you purchase your gun. If you do not have a permit, you cannot buy ammo for your gun from a licensed dealer. A federal background check and permit for a new handgun purchase usually takes about five days, beginning on the day you purchase your gun.

Handgun Details You Should Know When Buying Ammo

In selecting the right ammo for your handgun, you must understand the size of your gun and how you plan to use the weapon. There are many different types of handguns. Some handguns are large-caliber handguns and some are small-caliber. Consult with your dealer to match your handgun with the proper size caliber ammo. Additionally, you should think about how you are going to use your handgun. Ammo for a hunting handgun is very different from ammo for a handgun used as a home-protection tool.

Purchasing handgun ammo is a key part of handgun ownership, and there are some crucial things to know about the process. If you don’t keep in mind the legal considerations involved with buying ammo, you could be in for some major hassles. And if you buy the wrong ammo for your gun, then the weapon will essentially be useless. If you know all the important details regarding purchasing handgun ammo, however, then the process should end up being easy and headache-free.